Watch this video to see how amazing this weatherproof business card holder works

Ever been working in a house and you see somebody taking your number from the side of your van, its happens to me every week.

How many people must see your van and not have a pen and paper to take your number down?

Here’s the answer.

A clever and cost-effective marketing tool from www.bizcardbox.co.uk
The good news for all businesses is that you never need a customer to walk pass your service vehicle again without picking one of your cards up.

WATERPROOF Business Card Holder

Yes that’s right the business card box is completely waterproof when mounted to the outside of your car or van, this means that you don’t have to take the box off at night or when the rain starts

Weatherproof Business Card Holder

Your vehicle business card holder works for you 365 days a year, leave it on your work vehicle even when you are driving from job to job