marketing idea for carpet cleaning business

  The simple ideas work the best

Many times we spend so much money on expensive marketing ideas for our carpet cleaning business

Here is our very simple marketing idea for Carpet and Upholstery cleaning business

The Waterproof business card holder fits to the side of you van allowing customers to take a card when they pass and your bust cleaning a carpet in the house

Weatherproof business card holder in use

Couple of examples of the outdoor vehicle card holder on the side of a  Carpet & Upholstery van

fitting_1 1383049_10151618342126216_395295779_n 148878_173549725989426_2481707_n 76710_173548569322875_736838_n 76585_173549779322754_3484576_n marketing idea for carpet cleaning business fitting_1

How to buy Outdoor business card holder

Simple click the link below and fill you will have a choice of colours to choose from